Hero of Fire Drama in Sarajevo: Kenan Cubar saved a Baby from a burning Building

November 16, 2017 12:30 PM

The residents of Ante Babica Street 5 in the settlement of Alipasino Polje in Sarajevo spent a sleepless night outside of their homes due to a large fire.

“It was horrible. It was like in war. It is incredible how many people came to help. All of our neighbors, firefighters, the Civil Protection, Police, Emergency… All these people came to save the people as if their own family were in the building. We are the best in the worst time,” says a resident of this building, Alija.

A resident of the 10th floor, Ljubomir Spasovac, ran through the dark building full of smoke to save the neighbors and help them to get out of the building without thinking of the dangers for his own life.

“I took some neighbors into my apartment because it was not burning on upper floors. We were all united and luckily, there were no victims. Almost all of the 70 apartments were at least somewhat damaged by smoke, but all of the people managed to get out of the building thanks to the quick response of many good people,” said Spasovac.

Although everyone risked their lives to help others, the hero of this story, according to their neighbors, is young Kenan Cubar who saved a baby from the fire.

“I live very near and when I saw what was going on, I ran right to help. I was not afraid, but it was just awful because of the smoke, you just start choking. Then the glass started breaking, the noise, the danger, the panic, and all of a sudden the policeman said that something might be wrong with the electricity. That was not that easy. You do not see anything, and you’re trying to get people out. We managed to take four people out and a little baby. This was just God’s will. When I took her, the baby was not giving any sound or sign of life, nothing, I was afraid that she suffocated, but as soon as I put it in the van, it was okay. I had a special feeling when I took her because I have a child as well and I know how it is. Then I came back to the mother who just came out in front of the building. She was shocked, she just asked, “Where’s my baby?” She was relieved when I took her to the van, said Kenan Cubara, who came to the building to visit the neighbors and see what the situation was after a great fire. Everyone welcomed him and greeted him with their arms wide open.

Although still in fear and panic, residents of this building are happy because none of their neighbors was hurt. They are still worried about the life of one young girl and her mother who have suffered some more serious injuries, and they are on CCUS.

“I do not know their name. I am so sorry for them, I guess they inhaled a lot of smoke, and their dog did not survive as well,” said one of the neighbors.

From the MIA CS was confirmed that three people, out of a total of 19 injured, were detained in the CCUS, and more information on the details and causes of the fire will be known in the upcoming period.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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