HeritageTurk wants to invest into a 4.26 billion Euro Project

September 26, 2017 2:45 PM

The consortium “HeritageTurk” sent a letter of intent to the representatives of the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), informing them that it is interested in investing in the Ecozone “Koricani – Vlasic”, which is estimated to be worth 4.26 billion Euros, Anel Yalinpal, the director of this consortium for the Balkans region, confirmed to FENA.

“HeritageTurk, as an investment group, is ready to invest, but everything depends on what response we get from government representatives, because we need the permits. If the state approves the construction and accepts investors, our team is ready to come to BiH to meet with officials and to sign the agreement,” Yalinpala said, stressing that the letter of intent was sent to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic, entity prime ministers and the prime minister of the Central Bosnia Canton, as well as the mayors of the municipalities of Travnik and Knezevo.

The project, whose holders of the company “Tomix” from Knezevo and TLG from Travnik, is planned to include the complex of Eco zones, located in the areas of Travnik and Knezevo municipalities, an airport, education, health, sports and tourism centers, as well as hotel and business centers, golf courses and luxury villas.

Yalinpala pointed out that the project was planned for the next ten years, and would be realized in stages.

“The first phase refers to the construction of airports, hospitals and shopping centers, while in the second phase the areas of social housing, parks and industrial units would be considered. At the beginning, when building an airport, it can be expected to employ about 600 people, and later employment will depend on the further success in the realization of this project,” she stressed.

As she said, the Eko zone “Koricani-Vlasic” has so far been discussed with the prime minister of the SBK, Tahir Lend, and the response of other representatives of the authorities to whom a letter of intent has been sent is also expected.

(Source: Biznisinfo.ba)


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