Heribert Holz brings Help to the most Vulnerable in BiH for 86th Time

heribert holzAlthough he visited BiH last week for the 86th time, German pensioner Heribert Holz is shocked by the level of human suffering in our region every time.

Besides numerous individual donations, Holz also collects money for the purchase of sheep, he donated machinery for small BH agricultural producers… He says that he is “helping people to help himself”.

This vital pensioner, through the German Caritas, is collecting help for people in BiH, regardless of their religion and nationality.

“We are helping to all ethnic groups,” stated Heribert Holz, who, among other things, provided health care to old and sick people, he funded Soup Kitchen in Zenica with 30,000 EUR (everyday meal for 120 people).

During his last visit, he provided sponsorship for a total of 25 families that will receive 100 BAM. Holz fears that there will be “work” to do for him in BiH for a long time.

He announced a new humanitarian mission in BiH already in September…

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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