Health Centers in Republika Srpska getting ready for Immunization Process

Health centers in Republika Srpska, where vaccination against coronavirus will be carried out, say that they are forming teams to treat it. The Health Center Banja Luka, stated for Nezavisne that they are currently in the process of preparing for the upcoming vaccination against Covid-19.

”A team for vaccination has been appointed in front of our institution, which consists of one doctor specializing in epidemiology, two doctors specializing in family medicine, the head nurse/technician of the institution and the supervising nurse/technician for vaccination of the Vaccination Center,” they point out from the Health Center.

They add that the team will be in charge of organizing, conducting vaccination against Covid-19, monitoring and reporting on the realized vaccination in the institution.

”They will undergo training organized by the Institute for Public Health of the Republika Srpska, in order to hold the mentioned training for other workers who will carry out vaccination in our institution,” they say from the Health Center Banja Luka.

Branislav Zeljkovic, director of the RS Institute of Public Health, said that the vaccination plan had been prepared and that it should be submitted to the RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the RS Emergency Situations Headquarters for consideration today.

He points out that the vaccination will be performed in health centers throughout RS.

”But when we talk about mass vaccination, we have to think about the halls and the organization in some other way, that is, when larger quantities come, in which way the vaccination of citizens will be done,” says Zeljkovic.

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