Head of Mission of BiH to the EU handed Letters of Credentials to Donald Tusk

Newly elected Head of Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union Emina Merdan, handed in Brussels letters of credentials to President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

In a conversation that followed, Ambassador Merdan thanked President Tusk for continued support for the European integration process of BiH.

She recalled on the Declaration on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU Integration Process, which was adopted by the Presidency of BiH at its first session on December 12th, 2018, and highlighted the commitment of BiH to the EU integration process and readiness to continue activities with the goal of further progress.

Merdan also stressed the dedication of BiH to activities aimed at improving good neighborly relations and regional cooperation.

For his part, President Tusk expressed the European Union’s strong support for the European integration process of BiH and called for further decisive steps towards membership.

He also pointed to the importance of reconciliation and cooperation in the Western Balkans.


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