Hassab Surgery performed for the First Time in Sarajevo Clinical Centre

At the Department of Abdominal Surgery at Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, for the first time, the Hassab operational procedure was performed. It was done on a 69-year-old patient who successfully recovered and was released home.

Dr. Nedzad Firdus, Head of Gastrointestinal Surgery, is proud of the success of a medical team who performed this operation, led by Dr. Adi Mulabdic.

As Dr. Mulabdic says, thanks to KCUS management and the Clinic’s management, abdominal surgeons now have the opportunity to undertake operations that they have not been able to perform earlier.

“For the first time, we have done devasularization of stomach, which was initiated in cases of repeated bleeding from esophageal varices due to portal hypertension and cirrhosis, commonly caused by hepatitis and alcohol as a consequence of serious bleeding, “Dr. Mulabdic explained.

“We have introduced a number of new surgical procedures, and we are upholding existing medical protocols and procedures, thanks to which we have managed to reduce the percentage of hospital infections and generally improve the quality of health care,” Prof. Junuzovic said.

General director of KCUS prof. Dr. Sebija Izetbegovic points out that KCUS is the institution that needs to provide a final solution to the problem.

“We are continuously working on the professional training of employees and monitoring of the latest technological achievements, with expertise and highly sophisticated equipment, and we are always working on expanding the spectrum of services provided to our patients, “Dr. Izetbegović pointed out.


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