Half a million BAM: Who is buying luxury Villas and Apartments in Sarajevo?

villaAlthough many B&H citizens can only dream about life in luxury apartments and villas that are costing up to one million BAM, these kind of real estate on attractive locations in Sarajevo are sold out before the facilities are even constructed.

Directors of several real estate agencies emphasize that the luxury villas and apartments are placed on locations such as Betanije, Poljina, Breke, the Centre and the Old City, and high prices do not represent a problem for the potential buyers.

The price is varying depending on the construction, number of floors, view, location, and mainly those properties are sold for the price of 3,500 – 5,000 BAM per m2,” explained the agency Rental.

The proof that such a luxury is not expensive for B&H citizens is the fact that many of the exclusive apartments and villas are reserved even before the construction, and they are sold very quickly.

It is easier for us to sell an apartment costing half a million BAM than the 150 thousand BAM one. The demand for these kinds of apartments is very high. The modern apartments and villas are mostly buying the famous B&H athletes, successful businessmen, political elite and famous singers,” explains the director of the agency “Sigenx”, Spaho Ljajic, adding that almost all of the national football team members have luxury properties in Sarajevo.

Besides them, demand for luxury apartments has also increased thanks to foreigners and B&H diaspora.

Luxurious place for life in the capital city usually involves an attractive location, good view, large terrace or garden, garage with a ramp, and spacious, modern and very well-equipped space.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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