Guardian of Stone History: Sunny Old Town Vranduk

vranduk1Many people from Zenica took advantage of the spring sun’s rays in order to visit the old town Vranduk which is almost ten kilometers away from Zenica. One of the most important fortresses in B&H opened its doors for visitors who visit it in large numbers.

Throughout the history, the medieval town Vranduk has been the capital of the greats, governors and kings, and therefore has significant historical value. It is assumed that its stone walls were first built by the Romans on a rock above the cliff which oversees the fairytale surroundings.

Later on, through its chambers passed the Ottomans who had further upgraded it with new buildings, their presence evidenced today by numerous archaeological traces which include pottery, coins, tools, jewelry etc.

vranduk 2This place exudes history. An archaeological setting which evokes memories of the medieval period has been installed within the walls of the old Vranduk fort. At every part of the city walls, the period setting and authentic objects makes it possible to imagine the everyday ambience of the period of the Ottoman Empire.





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