Group of People from Sarajevo installed a Fridge with Food accessible to the Ones in Need

A group of good people living in Pofalici settlement in Sarajevo came up with the idea of making a fridge that would be accessible to everyone, and that would provide food and drink for all those who were unable to afford a decent meal.

The Klix.ba portal team was the first to visit Elis and Muamer, who, together with their friends from the Pofalici settlement, has initiated this idea and put it into action.

The goal, as they explained, is just one – to provide food for all who need it and to encourage people not to throw away what someone can eat.

The fridge is located right next to the Italia Hotel and is plugged in to keep the food fresh and quality during warm summer days.

“We didn’t expect this kind of reaction from the public. We posted on Facebook, and then many people shared and the news spread. We have a good association of people in Pofalici and decided to help those in need,” Muamer explained.

The fridge is now full of food and drink, and help has come from the “Dar Ruke” Association. They filled the fridge with food and used the rest of the money to help one family.

Many people throw away food, while at the same time, it means a lot to someone.

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