Group of Artists made Video “All will pass, only Sarajevo will remain”


A group of artists gathered around the Association of Creators and Activists, in collaboration with Felina and the Makadam Acting Studio, has released a video called “Sarajevo” to mark the Day of the City of Sarajevo. This video is gift to all citizens and those who love this city.

Izet Sarajlic’s song “Sarajevo” recited by actor Rijad Gvozden was not accidentally selected. Namely, Sarajlic’s poems remained remembered as the most beautiful ode to love and Sarajevo.

The Association of Creative Makers and Activists say that the idea for video recording came about recently, when they did not expect everything to be occupied by the circumstances of COVID-19, but despite the circumstances, they decided to implement the project anyway, and the almost completely deserted streets of Sarajevo gave a new perspective and idea.

“We wanted to portray the city with all its beauty, but also the scars, and the hope and future that we have to shape better. We felt privileged to walk the city in one day and record things that all those who love Sarajevo will surely enjoy, ” is stated from the association.



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