Great Success: Lotosice to sew Fashion Garments for German Company

April 1, 2017 9:45 AM

LotosiceThe company Lotosice from Tuzla, which employs people with disabilities, signed a contract with the German company Narcisa at the end of the last year, which is their first independent contract. They will be making fashion clothing for them including various types of blouses, fashion jackets, raincoats and many others.

”This business is the wind in our back and it showed us that we can be better and more present on both domestic and foreign markets, stated the director of the Association ”Lotosice ”.

The company is also doing lohn jobs as a partner for several companies that are export-oriented. Their main activity is the production of protective uniforms, but they are also making other garments depending on the request of the buyer. They are doing fashion clothing, clothing for the catering industry etc.

The company currently employs 14 people, and 75 % of them are persons with disabilities. Bratanovic stated that besides social entrepreneurship they are also promoting female entrepreneurship since they are employing mainly women.

They noted that the staff that they usually need, tailors with experience, is not really present in the employment offices. For this reason, they are doing retraining as well.

They also stated that the biggest problem in social entrepreneurship is legislation.

Director of this association said that the social entrepreneurship does not refer only to persons with disabilities, but also on harder employable population groups such as women over 40 years old, long-term unemployed people etc. All of these categories could work in companies that are dealing with social entrepreneurship.



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