Great news from Federation of BiH: No New Cases of Coronavirus Infection!


No new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 24 hours. Director of the Public Health Institute of the Federation of BiH, Davor Pehar, said at media conference on Monday that for the first time we can say that there are more recovered than active cases in the Federation of BiH entity.

“In the FBiH, 344 samples were tested, with none of them positive for COVID-19. Today, the number of persons recovered is 461, while 444 are actively ill,” Pehar said, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Two cantons have no active cases at all, and they are Tuzla Canton and Posavina Canton. Also, Bosnia Podrinje Canton has only one active patient. In the last 24 hours 35 people have recovered. So far, a total of 19,377 samples have been tested and coronavirus confirmed in 938 people.

“As for the patients’ health status, there are 37 patients in the hospital and two of them are on the respirator,” Pehar said.


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