GRAS o Become Richer with Five New Trolleybuses

troleybusIn the next few days the fleet of Gras (public transportation company) will be reinforced with five new trolleybuses. Transportation of the buses from Geneva started last week, according to Avdo Vatrić, director of Gras, and they are expected in Sarajevo in the next ten days.

“The trolleys were loaded last week and started being delivered to Sarajevo. These are the first five, of the agreed 15 used trolleybuses, which we bought in Geneva. It was agreed with the supplier that they complete the entire procedure, from the type-approval to customs, so that we can get the trolleybuses with all completed controls and verifications. The buses will be ready to be engaged in traffic immediately after registration. It is necessary to reinforce the trolleybus traffic, especially during morning and afternoon rush hour, which is what we will achieve with new vehicles,” we learned from Avdo Vatrić, who stressed that the remaining 10 trolleys should arrive very soon.

The trolleybuses were purchased with the resources that the Government of Sarajevo Canton had allocated from the budget for the renewal of the Gras fleet, amounting to about 1.4 million BAM. In addition to the trolleys, in the coming period Gras will try to find the means to obtain a number of used minibuses.


(Source: ekapija)

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