TC Government allocated 250.000 BAM for the Soup Kitchen “Imaret” in Tuzla

The Government of Tuzla Canton (TC) has adopted the Decision on fund approval for the Humanitarian Organization (HO) “Merhamet” – Regional Council of Tuzla, for the needs of the soup kitchen “Imaret” in Tuzla.

Assistant Minister of Labor, Social Policy and Return for TC, Nurdin Muhamedbegovic, said at the press conference that in the TC budget from the position of Material handling of socially vulnerable groups, 250.000 BAM was intended for the mentioned soup kitchen.

According to him, these funds are primarily intended for preparing hot meals for nutrition of the socially vulnerable people, which have the need for it.

He stated that in the Soup kitchen “Imaret” in Tuzla, about 2.500 meals were prepared daily, and about 1.500 meals per day were distributed at the territory of ​​Tuzla.

“In addition, HO ‘Merhamet’ makes ‘lunch packets’ throughout TC where there is a need for it, and where returnees have returned to the area of ​​north-eastern Bosnia, these packages are shared occasionally, “ Muhamedbegovic added.


(Source: klix.ba)

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