The Government of the RS gave up on Restructuring the Debt?

January 9, 2018 8:00 AM

The Government of the RS gave up on the long-announced restructuring of the debt. At least for now.

According to the Minister of Finance, they prolonged that plan for some worse times. We currently do not need a partner from abroad to settle the debt, as stated by Zoran Tegeltija.

We did not only negotiate about the settling of the debt, but also about debts of funds and public enterprises, explained Minister Tegeltija.

He noted that the largest need for restructuring exists in the healthcare sector, but he did not reveal whether the government has negotiated something.

The Government of the RS announced that they are in the process of finding a partner from abroad that would settle the debt of the RS in June last year.

Last summer, ATV announced that the government is negotiating with three partners.




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