Government of Federation of BiH allocates Three Million BAM for Culture

At today’s session, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, passed four decisions on the allocation of funds determined by the federal budget for 2021.

Expenditure programs with criteria for the distribution of funds intended for the work of four foundations within the competence of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the total amount of 2,898,000 BAM, were adopted.

The transfer to the Publishing Fund amounts to 550,000 BAM, of which 205,000 KM is for stimulating newer literature and works by domestic authors and translators. Out of 330,000 KM Transfer to the Foundation for Library Activity, 150,000 BAM is intended for filling the book fund of libraries and assistance to publishers from the territory of FBiH.

The transfer for cinematography amounts to 1,460,000 BAM, of which the planned amount is 1,050,000 BAM for co-financing film projects. The transfer envisages 558,000 BAM for the Library Activity Foundation. 605,000 BAM have been set aside for cultural societies and the Sarajevo Film Center Today, the FBiH Government approved the allocation of 405,000 BAM for financing programs and projects of cultural societies, of which 60,000 BAM for “Prosvjeta”, 190,000 BAM for “Preporod”, 130,000 BAM for “Napredak” and 25,000 BAM for “La Benevolencija”. 200,000 BAM was also approved for co-financing the work of the Public Company Film Center Sarajevo.

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