Government of Federation BiH adopts Vaccination Plan against Covid 19

The Government of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) today adopted a vaccination plan against Covid 19, according to which the priorities are health workers, employees and people in nursing homes, and healthy people aged 16 to 64 who work in public services. The Federal Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health of FBiH are obliged to, within their competencies, in relation to the epidemiological situation, on the basis of new scientific knowledge about the vaccine, and depending on changes in other conditions on which vaccination depends, revise the plan. is from the FBiH Government. The statement states that according to the adopted plan, vaccines are procured through the “COVAX” mechanism, and the EU mechanism, as well as that 13,689,538 KM were allocated from the FBiH budget in 2020 for the procurement of vaccines through the “COVAX” mechanism. The FBiH budget for 2021 envisages 12 million KM for the procurement of vaccines, and two million KM for taking measures to suppress the corona virus, it is stated in the announcement. At today’s session, the Government of FBiH gave permission to the governments of the cantons, ie the cantonal headquarters of the ministries of health to introduce more restrictive and different measures in accordance with the assessment of the epidemiological situation.

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