Government of Canton Sarajevo made First Step to solve Issue of Air Pollution


Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Edin Forto and ministers met with representatives of the international community discussing the problem of air pollution in the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister said that the purchase of air purifiers which will be installed kindergartens and protective masks had been agreed on this occasion.

Forto pointed out that one of the biggest problems when bad air is at stake is to implement and help citizens.

“What we have agreed and what we will do immediately with implementation is funding for air purificators for all kindergartens owned by public enterprise  ‘Children of Sarajevo’. We have also provided funding for the masks we will give to public employees who have to stay outside because of their work. it applies to police officers, “Forto stressed after the meeting.

This project will be implemented with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program.  Forto added that representatives of the international community praised the work of the CS government so far, and that everything the Government has done and planned to do in 2020 is far ahead of all governments so far, Radio Sarajevo reports.




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