Government of Canton Sarajevo allocates 200,000 BAM for Managing Migrants Crisis

The Government of Sarajevo Canton (CS) today issued a Decision on allocating 200,000 BAM to help the Una Sana Canton (USC) in managing the migration crisis, where most migrants reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Government of CS Admir Katica met the Government with more details during his visit to this Canton and all the aspects of the problems caused by the high concentration of migrants in the municipalities of this Canton.

“Taking into consideration the information that Minister Katica presented to the Government today and after a lengthy discussion that followed, the Government unanimously made the decision to allocate 200,000 BAM to help this Canton in managing the migration crisis. Also, discussing issues of migrants in Sarajevo Canton, at the next session of the Government, we will make a decision on the reorganization of the existing Coordinating Body for Migration Issues, with the involvement of governmental and non-governmental organizations, made a better and more active team working on this issue,”- Prime Minister of CS Edin Forto said.


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