Government of FBiH: For the first time in 10 years the FBiH is in Surplus, Reforms are giving Results

August 25, 2017 10:45 AM

“Today, we are able to talk a little bit louder about the achievements of the government in this mandate, since our financial indicators are showing that all of our budgets at all levels of government are in surplus for the first time ever, and this is something that our citizens need to know, regardless of results of our reform agenda. The budget of the FBiH is in the surplus for the first time in ten years, and we are taking loans only in the amount that we can service, “said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finances Jelka Milicevic, who also noted that expenditures are increasing far less than revenues.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Policy Vesko Drljaca said that one of the priorities of his office, as well as the entire government, is the stabilization of the pension fund (PIO). Encouraging information for this sector is that contributions have been increased as well as the number of employees.

It needs to be emphasized that the contributions to the PIO fund have been increased by 10 % in the first six months in comparison to the same period last year, contributions to health care by 9 %, and contributions to unemployment by 10 %.

Prime Minister Fadil Novalic stated that it is clear that extremely positive results of the work of the government after two and a half years of the mandate is visible, and this can be called in only one way- reformist.

“All of our parameters are recording increase after the ten-year standstill that was caused by the global crisis. Our GDP is increasing as well as the number of employees, we have 32, 000 new employees, our fastest growing industry is tourism and it is behind the metal industry, which is in the first place. The metal industry is recording growth, as well as military and furniture industry. These are the four stars in BiH,” noted Prime Minister Novalic.

The Prime Minister joked that there are things that are falling since unemployment was decreased by 37,000. The decrease in the number of unemployed persons was recorded for the first time in 20 years.

“We also have a dramatic increase in the number of retirees, three times more than the statistical average. It was increased by 14,700 in the last mandate and in the two years and three months of this mandate by 24,000. This is a consequence of the Law on Early Retirement and the consequence of the fear of the new Law on PIO,” stated Fadil Novalic.

The announcement of new moves was presented through the scheme “three times three”, which refers to three reform laws, three social and three infrastructure projects, which are crucial.

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