The Government of FBiH approved the Purchase of Six New Vehicles worth 380,000 BAM

The Government of the FBiH made a decision on the purchase of new vehicles with the value of 380,000 BAM at its 119th session.

It is a decision for giving consent for the purchase of official passenger cars for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the FBiH, with which was approved the purchase of six official passenger cars.

Based on this decision, following vehicles will be purchased:

  • A passenger van, with nine seats, with the retail prices up to 90,000 BAM, including additional equipment – 1 vehicle;
  • A middle class that includes passenger cars with retail prices up to 60,000 BAM, including additional equipment – 4 vehicles;
  • A special cargo motor vehicle for the transport of explosive substances of ADR category, with the retail price up to 50,000 BAM, including additional equipment – 1 vehicle.

The funds for the purchase of these vehicles are already secured from the funds of the Police Directorate under the item “Procurement of equipment”, i.e. from the overall budget of the FBiH.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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