The Government of FBiH to allocate 13 million BAM for the Employment Program

The Government of the FBiH approved the Employment Program of the Employment Service of the FBiH for 2018, which, in accordance with the Program for Measures for Social Welfare of Unemployed Persons in the Process of Bankruptcy, Liquidation, Restructuring and Privatization of Enterprises, remained or remain unemployed and the Operational Program for its realization, estimates an increase of this position for additional 20 % of the total income planned on the basis of contributions for insurance in case of unemployment. In the year of 2018, the amount of 13.000.000 BAM is planned for that purposes.

In 2018 is also planned the development of standard service of career orientation or guidance in public employment services in the FBiH, whose aim is improving and extending professional information services for students in primary and secondary schools, as well as expanding workshops for those who are looking for job.

The value of the Project for Employment Support of BiH amounts to 25 million EUR and it is supported by the World Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, while the project holder is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. This project is aimed at improving the employment, strengthening capacities but also at improving the performance of public employment services.

The continuation of the support for organization of employment fairs in cooperation with cantonal employment services is planned as well. It is aimed at strengthening and promoting the function of mediation in employment and other services, as well as making the communication between key actors in the labour market considerably easier.

The Employment Office of the FBiH planned 4,000,000 BAM for the cost of participating in cofinancing of joint projects with other organizations and institutions in 2018, due to the increased interest of partners on the labor market.

(Source: akta.ba)





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