Global Trends will also affect Oil Derivatives Market of BiH

Following the latest world events and rising crude oil prices after the attacks on the facilities of one of the world’s largest oil producers in Saudi Arabia, association “Petroleum Committee in Bosnia and Herzegovina” warns that global trends will also affect oil derivatives market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

An increase of almost 15 percent happened after some of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil production facilities were attacked, which caused stop of over half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production, Xinhua reports.

On Tuesday, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) calculations showed that the price of the OPEC basket of fourteen crudes closed at 66.43 U.S. dollars a barrel on Monday, an over-10-percent rise compared with 60.02 dollars last Friday.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday “it’s looking that way” that Iran was behind the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s key oil facilities.

“We’re having some very strong studies done, but it’s certainly looking that way at this moment … As soon as we find out definitively, we’ll let you know,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

When asked if he will meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly next week, Trump said “I have no meeting scheduled.”

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