“Giro di Sarajevo” Race celebrates Jubilee with 3 000 Participants

September 11, 2017 1:45 PM

“Giro di Sarajevo” bicycle race gathered around 3 000 lovers of bicycling to the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) capital Sarajevo on Sunday late afternoon. People of all ages could be seen driving bicycles from Dobrinja settlement to Sarajevo City Hall, finishing in the Wilson’s Promenade.

After the traffic was completely closed in the city center, lovers of bicycling drove a 15 kilometers long route through the main streets of Sarajevo.

By participating in this cycling event, people of all age groups were carrying the message that BiH can, deserves and must invest more in cycling infrastructure because it is the solution to many problems cities face every day. The slogan of this year’s race was “For Sarajevo with bicycles”, emphasizing that participants of “Giro di Sarajevo” are fighting for the better treatment of citizens of Sarajevo in general.

After the event, organizers said they are satisfied because the race was compact and that there were no incidents. Moreover, they emphasized the importance of the “Giro di Sarajevo” jubilee race because it shows the success: from the complete ignorance of cyclists’ rights to the inclusion in the BiH’s Law




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