Germany Donating 100 thousand Euros for Mine Victims of in BiH

August 8, 2017 7:00 PM

Christiane Hohmann, the German ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, signed an agreement with Sabina Beber Bostjancic, the deputy director of the organization Enhancing Human Security (ITF), which puts 100,000 Euros at the organization’s disposal.

In that way, Germany is getting involved on behalf of victims of mines in BiH in addition to its humanitarian demining activities.

The funds will be used so that the Miracle Center in Mostar and URO Soca in Slovenia will provide many people their first moves after their accidents, as well as ensure psychological treatment for many victims.

As a part of the international Grammy, represented by the Germany Embassy, victims from all over BiH will be selected and have the opportunity to be reintegrated into the business world.

According to the BiH Mine Action Center, there are 7,968 victims of mines, including war veterans and civilian victims. Of those, 1,665 are post-war victims, while the annual number of victims has significantly decreased.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany has provided BiH nearly 33.5 million Euros for demining and similar purposes.




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