German Low-Cost Bus Company arrives to BiH?

flixbus-busbud-partner-city-696x456The German company Flixbus could bring cheaper bus rides to Bosnia and Herzegovina as of next year.

Namely, Flixbus offers low-cost bus rides across Europe since 2013. Tickets can be purchased online and the sooner you buy them, the cheaper they are. In this way, traveling to many European destinations is available at the price of only several euros per ticket!

As of mid-June this year the company is present in Croatia and according to recently published data approximately 140.000 passengers traveled with Flixbus in this country since.

Flixbus hopes for similar success in BiH and Serbia. According to the company, during 2017 they will continue connecting all neighboring countries.

“Our plan is to start operating in BiH and Serbia and expand the network of domestic and international lines in countries where we are already present. The aim is to transfer the Flixbus business model to those countries and offer the residents a new level of quality in bus traveling, acceptable prices, and availability of destinations throughout Europe,” said Dean Čebohin, director of business development in the company Flixbus for the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

This company is a combination of a technologic startup, trade and traditional transport companies and its success is probably the best proof how digitalization can impact business even in fields where it may not be obvious.


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