German Humanitarian Worker announced his 86th Trip to BiH

humanitarian HolzHeribert Holz, founder of the humanitarian organization “Bosnienhilfe” in an interview with Rhenisch Post talked about 25 years of this humanitarian organization and their plans for the future, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

Heribert Holz visited BiH three times last year.

“I am going next time in the spring and it will be my 86th trip to BiH,” says Holz.

“It is certain that we have countries where people are poorer now. I hear it from other people,” he said.

Asked whether there is a social state in BiH, which helps in such cases, Holz responded: “not in the form as we know it.”

Holz stated that he is positively surprised and happy that this humanitarian organization collected donations worth 158,000 EUR last year. He believes that the reason that the Germans were willing to donate funds for BiH is that people believe more to one person than some anonymous organization.

“Donors know that their money will actually come in the right hands, to those most in need,” he said.

He said that there is no immediate danger for the people in BiH.

“Subjectively I can understand that many of them dream of a better life in Germany. However, objectively speaking, not all of them from BiH can come to us,” he said.

It is often talked about “help for self-help” and Holz says that his organization partly did it through the help of various agricultural projects.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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