German Intelligence Service: no concrete indication about the strengthening of radical islamist Tendencies in BiH

“The German Intelligence Service – BND has no concrete indication about the strengthening of radical islamist tendencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo, the German Government said in response to 30 questions from the representative of political party ‘Die Linke’ in Bundestag, “ reports Al Jazeera.

The German Government, in its responses to a questionnaire called “Radical Islam in BiH and Kosovo”, said that in BiH and Kosovo there is still a liberal understanding of Islam, and that nothing suggests that it could soon be changed.

When asked by the representative of “Die Linke” whether it is true that in the past few years, neither a single European country has recorded joining of so many fighters in armed groups as BiH did, the Government replied that, as far as they know, it is not the case, but the danger that individuals or fraction represent cannot be excluded.

When it comes to the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the past years in BiH, the German Government has extracted data from the Central Bank of BiH. This data suggests that Saudi Arabia companies, in the last five years, appeared three times at the list of the FDI: in 2013 and 2016 Saudi Arabia was the 8th  in terms of direct investment, while in the period from January to September 2017 it was in a third place.

While responding to the questionnaire, the Government denied the reports of certain media, analysts and politicians who were constantly trying to point out “growing Islamist threats” in BiH.


(Source: klix.ba)

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