German Eurobikers donate valuable medical Equipment to BiH

November 19, 2017 6:30 PM

The Eurobiker Association from Germany is organizing a major humanitarian action in the next year, within which medical equipment will be donated to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kosovo and Macedonia.

In order to find out what is most needed in Gorazde, representatives of the Eurobiker Association will visit this city on November 25 and meet with representatives of health institutions, and officials of BPK and City of Goražde. The hosts are members of the Moto Club Goražde.

During a conversation with the Health Minister BPK Sabira Beslija and Mayor of Gorazde Muhamed Ramovic, during the preparation for this, so-called. The Scout’s Visit, members of the Moto Club of Gorazde Elvir Hubjer and Elvir Geca explained that Eurobikers plan to implement another humanitarian action, that will include Gorazde. Resident Cantonal Ministry and City of Gorazde expressed their full support for this project.

”The Eurobiker Association, with the great help of the German ‘Biker Brummi Hilfe Association’, headed by Dr. Herman Munzel, is planning to implement a major humanitarian campaign in Kosovo, Macedonia and BiH, precisely the cities of Prizren, Ohrid, Gorazde and Tuzla. 20 Trailers of the medical equipment will be donated with a large convoy, ” explain the members of the Moto Club Gorazde.

They add that they are proud to be part of this action.

”We are delighted that this very important donation will be delivered to health institutions in Gorazde and at the same time the Moto Club of Goražde will join the family of Eurobiker of BIH. We must emphasize the great credit of President Srecko Boras and our longtime friend Halid Djulic – Lida. This is another proof of humanity by which the bikers are recognizable, ” the Moto Club Gorazde emphasized.

The donation of medical equipment to the planned cities will be delivered in the period from 8th  to 21st May 2018. Usually, Eurobikers who want to connect people and culture through motorcycle ride are doing a humanitarian action every year for the Balkans, and the condition of each country and their health institutions are discovered thanks to their members – Eurobikers, who try to intervene where it is most needed.

They were in BiH for the first time in 2004 when their destination was Gorazde. In that period, they provided a large donation to the Cantonal Hospital in Gorazde in the form of medical equipment worth more than 180.000 euros, they equipped the computer room of the Gorazde Gymnasium, with 7.150 euros they helped with a roof repair of the “Sun” kindergarten and organized a lunch for the poor families. In memory of the stay in Gorazde, at the Rorovi resort, they planted a wood of peace.

Ten years later, Eurobikers from Luxembourg, who gave the donation to Primary School ”Fahrudin Fahro Bascelija”, arrived in Gorazde.

(Source:, photo radioslavonija)



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