Gathering in Sarajevo: “Muslims are treated like Insects whose Dead Heads nobody counts anymore“

Gathering_in_SarajevoToday, in front of the Memorial to the murdered children of Sarajevo, a gathering was held due to the death of three Muslim students, who were killed in their apartment in North Carolina a few days ago. Organizers of  the gathering  prepared a performance the aim of which was to indicate the unfair treatment that Muslims have in the public and media.

We are reminded that three students, Deah Shaddy Barakat (23), Yusor Mohammad (21) and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha (19) were killed by gunshots in the head, and their murders are being compared with the attack on the editorial office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. But what is criticized is the insufficient reporting of this tragedy, the unfair treatment of Muslims in the media, and also the double standards   when it comes to the reporting of crimes.

The support gathering was organized by the Bosniak Non-Governmental organizations , the Association for Culture, Sport and Youth and the Association Svitanje from Sarajevo. Ismet Becar, fronting for these organizations, says for Klix.ba, that is quite clear that these two events, the one in Paris and the one in USA, are not given equal treatment, not even in the public space of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tragic situations that nobody mentions anymore

“Our goal today is not to speak about what we all know, and that is the treatment that Muslims have in public media space, especially after 11th September. They are treated like half monkeys, like biological facts, insects whose dead heads nobody counts anymore“, said Becar, and added that the aim of their gathering was to pay attention to the fact that all victims should be equal, and that some of them cannot be more equal than others.

“We in Bosnia and Herzegovina have tragic situations that are marked by media, and to which attention is paid every year which is good, and which are issued by court processes. But on the other side, we have tragic situations that nobody mentions anymore. Hardly anyone remembers Meliha Duric, a minor killed in Vlasenica, or Murat Badic,  a Bosniak killed in Banja Luke, nor Magdi Dizdarevic who was killed in Mostar“, states Becar.


(Source: Klix.ba)



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