Galic: We do not want to scare the Public, but there is a huge Number of those who want to enter Bosnia

The Director of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zoran Galic, stated that, when it comes to migrants, the problem is the European Union, ie the border in Greece, which is crossed very easily.

“In 2016, we had 155 migrants, a year later there were 765, and in 2018 we had 23,400, while last year there were 29,800. We have another 20 days until the end of this year, and we will wait for the final numbers, which will not be small, because it is evident that we have a rapid growth of the entry of migrants “, said Galic.

He confirmed that such an influx is expected in the coming months, stating that the Border Police is exchanging data with colleagues from Serbia.

“We will not scare the public, but there is a huge number of those who are waiting to enter BiH. The problem here is not Serbia, but the EU, ie the border in Greece, which is crossed very easily. We have an illogical situation that migrants come from the EU and then again they stop in front of the gate of Europe in Croatia “, pointed out Galic.

He told RTRS that most migrants were from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, and that Syria is in seventh place.

“It is now clear that these are not war migrations, but with a certain goal, primarily political and economic,” Galic added.

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