Galic: Border Police needs 1.300 Officers to protect all Points

The director of the Border Police, Zoran Galic, said that this police agency needs 1,300 police officers, in order to protect all critical points of illegal crossings.

“The border police is working in accordance with the regulations that have been unchanged for almost 20 years. According to that rulebook, we lack 340 police officers to perform regular activities in border control, however, in order to protect all critical points, 1,300 are needed, “Galic pointed out.

According to him, the Border Police is still struggling to fill at least the vacancies provided by the old rulebook, because the constant lack of police officers cannot adequately protect the BiH border. Galic stated that the problem also arises when the Council of Ministers gives its consent for the admission of, say, 100 police officers, and while the competition procedure and their education is over, the same number of officers retire.

“That is why we proposed changes to the rulebook, because it does not foresee global challenges and it is necessary to change it,” Galic pointed out for “Vecernji list”, adding that the Border Police is also facing insufficient equipment with material and technical means.

Speaking about illegal migrants, Galic stated that the migratory pressure was temporarily weakened, as usual in the winter, and that members of the Border Police prevented the entry of 12,000 persons into BiH last year.

Galic pointed out that the greatest pressure is on the eastern part of the border, from the direction of Serbia and Montenegro, and added that most of the illegal migrants are citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Morocco.

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