Galic and Grubesa spoke about Security Issued in Bosnia

BiH Border Police Director Zoran Galic met with BiH Justice Minister Josip Grubesa today at the Main Office in Sarajevo, and discussed security issues, as well as problems that members of the police agency face every day.

During the working meeting, Director Galic informed Minister Grubesa about the work and functioning of the Border Police of BiH. They also discussed security issues, especially when it comes to the migrant crisis that Border Police of BiH has been facing for years, and the measures that this police agency is taking when it comes to cross-border and other forms of organized crime.

In addition to the above, Director Galic pointed out the problems that members of the BPBiH face every day, and those are the understaffing and insufficient material and technical equipment, the BiH Border Police stated in the press release.

“In order to strengthen the control of the state border, we need to hire more police officers, at whose reception we will work intensively in the coming period and strengthen cooperation with other police agencies at all levels of government,” said the director of BPBiH.

Director Galic and Minister Grubesa emphasized the importance of further strengthening and improving future cooperation with the aim of timely exchange of information on all issues within the competence of the institutions they manage, especially when it comes to drafting appropriate normative acts that are important for improving the capacity of BiH Border Police.

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