Future of BiH: Moneyval Session on April 12th

MONEYVAL nap.baMONEYVAL Session will be held from April 12th to 16th, and will be attended by Samir Omerhodžić, the member of the team of BiH at MONEYVAL.

Certain media reported that B&H could again make it to the blacklist despite the fact that the Article of the Criminal Code regarding terrorism financing has been approved. Omerhodžić says we should wait for the session and not get hasty with possible scenarios.

‘We cannot make any kind of scenario before the session which is to be held. By approving this Article of the Criminal Code, we have met the obligation required from us. We do not know will the countries look for greater commitments of us. However, from the December session it was clear that B&H must adopt this article pertaining to the financing of terrorism’, says Omerhodžić.


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