The Funds for the Cultural Center “Banski Dvor” Renovation approved

January 15, 2018 4:15 PM

The Mayor of Banja Luka, Igor Radojicic, and President of the Republika Srpska (RS) Government, Zeljka Cvijanovic, visited the Cultural Center Banski dvor on Friday, and announced that the reconstruction of the building of this cultural institution would soon begin.

Cvijanovic emphasized that the Government of RS would finance the first phase of renovation of Banski dvor in the amount of 2.5 million BAM.

“The project is huge and will be implemented through several phases. Renovation includes renovation of roofs, facade,  and other necessary works. Banski dvor is a huge resource of Banja Luka, but also of the RS, and I believe that after the renovation, this institution will operate in a full capacity, “ said RS prime minister.

The Mayor Igor Radojicic said these are great news for Banja Luka, because now there is an opportunity for Banski dvor to finally starts functioning in a full capacity.

“We have been waiting for a serious reconstruction for many years, and the big part of the facility is not currently in use, which means that many rooms are not in good condition. The first phase would include repair of roofs, facade and joinery, and then renovation of installation would follow. After the renovation, all citizens of Banja Luka will get a multifunctional space for organizing cultural and other events, “ Radojicic emphasized, adding that the City has now entered the reconstruction of the close center that should get a new look, and Banski dvor is one of the most significant buildings in the city center.

The Yugoslavian announcement was launched in 1930 for the construction of the Banska palata and Banski dvor, and works on the Banski dvor started in March 1931, while the solemn opening ceremony was held on November 8th  1932.

Banski dvor has halls for sessions, halls for receptions, City Hall… The Great Hall, the City Hall and the Blue Salon of the Banski dvor were once the most luxurious interiors of Banja Luka, and in these rooms many educational, cultural and promotional gatherings were organized.




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