FUCZ Team removed Explosives from Blazuj Migration Centre


The Explosives Removal team of Federal Administration of Civil Protection  (FUCZ) successfully removed the explosives found in an underground fuel oil tank at the Blazuj Migration Center.

Several explosives were found and removed from the tank, of which: M57 hand launcher mine, 82 mm O832 mine, four warfare bombs, 90 mm white phosphorus smoke m313, 20 mm bullet, VPROM1 drill and cumulative exercise tromblon mine.

The explosives have been removed and, in accordance with operational procedures, will be transported and stored at their intended location until destruction.

Upon arrival, UES FUCZ team determined that the tank containing the explosive was filled with water that needed to be pumped in order to identify and remove it.

According to initial information, it was assumed that the tank was used for water, but the removal of water resulted in sludge from oil, indicating that the tank was used to store fuel oil.


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