FUCZ Team neutralized Two World War II Air Bombs found in Centre of Sarajevo

Despite an earlier announcement by Fahrudin Solak, the director of the Federal Civil Protection Administration, that another found air bomb would still not be removed due to the heavy rainfall, FUCZ members neutralized it on Saturday late night.

“After the rain stopped, we brought the excavator and dug the air bomb out. Members of the FUCZ Special Team deactivated the bomb by removing the lighter and the bomb was transported overnight to the site where it would be destroyed,” Solak said to Oslobodenje, not wanting to find out the location of the destruction due to security reasons.

Another World War II air bomb was discovered on the construction of Bingo shopping mall behind the RTV in Sarajevo and it is the same as the one found on Thursday.

Solak said it would not be surprising to find another bomb, since the site was bombed during World War II because it had a railway depot.

“That is why on Monday we will inspect the entire site of the site for metal detectors, as well as a special VX1 detector, which is used to detect metal at greater depths,” Solak added.

The work on the site was again temporarily suspended.

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