Francis Boyle: BiH could start the Lawsuit against Four other Countries besides Serbia

June 24, 2017 4:00 PM

Francis Boyle, the Professor of international law at the University of Illinois in Illinois and a former agent of BiH at the International Tribunal in The Hague, revealed that BiH, besides the lawsuit for genocide against Serbia, could start the lawsuit against four other countries that helped the JNA to commit genocide in BiH.

“There is concrete evidence that is indicating that BiH could sue the United Kingdom. I still have those data and that lawsuit can still be started. BiH led by Alija Izetbegovic was even ready to do it, but the UK then threatened that citizens of BiH will starve. I still have the right to sue the UK on behalf of BiH at any time. There is an official document that confirms all of this in The Hague. I spoke with the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH on several occasions on the possibility of BiH to sue both Russia and France. When it comes to data, I did not have enough time to collect data for Russia and France, but I did it for the UK,” stated Boyle.

Besides lawsuits against Great Britain, France and Russia, Boyle stated that BiH should also insist on a lawsuit against Montenegro as well.

“Everyone forgot about Montenegro, which was the subject of a lawsuit together with Serbia in the beginning. That country is now a member of NATO,” noted Boyle, adding that the political goal of the great powers in the world has always been to release Serbia from the responsibility for committing genocide in BiH.

He noted that the summit dedicated to the Western Balkans will be held in the United Kingdom next year and he warned that the borders of BiH could be redrawn at that conference.

“We are facing a potentially large crisis. We need a strategy for this summit because I am afraid that the representatives of BiH who will attend the conference can agree to certain conditions there. It is necessary to send a clear message that these representatives have no approval of citizens of BiH to sign a death sentence for the country. If the UK attempts to do that on that summit next year, then we can sue the UK based on the evidence from the period before,” stated Boyle.

Boyle also warned that the ultimate goal of the forces that are working against the interests of BiH is the independence of the RS and its unification with Serbia.



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