Former Security Minister Dragan Mektic’s Foam Party in Ukrina River angered Authorities

Foam party organized by the former Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektic on the river Ukrina infuriated the authorities in the Republika Srpska entity, and an investigation into this case was ordered.

Namely, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republika Srpska strongly condemned the use of chemical agents in natural watercourses, and called the individuals who did so irresponsible, the ministry said.

Precisely because of that, the Inspectorate of Republika Srpska was asked to investigate this case, and “Vode Srpske” ordered a water sample to be taken for analysis.

The relevant ministry stated that it was incomprehensible and inadmissible to release chemicals into the river for the purpose of entertainment, and that they would insist that all circumstances and punish the perpetrators of such river pollution be determined.

The foam that Mektic was covered with while performing the jumps was made from a cannon for a foam generator.

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