Former Detainees departed to The Hague and sent an important Message

November 21, 2017 9:30 AM

Members of the Union of Detainees of BiH departed from Sarajevo to The Hague to attend the pronouncement of the verdict to Ratko Mladic, the former commander of the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS). They left with the hope that he will be sentenced to life imprisonment on all counts of the indictment, but they are also afraid that people will stop talking about the crimes and genocide that were committed in BiH after pronouncing the verdict.

President of the Union of Detainees of BiH Jasmin Meskovic said that 50 detainees will travel in two groups, one of them on the pronouncement of the verdict to Mladic, and the other to the pronouncement of the verdict to Jadranko Prlic and others.

“This is a historical moment, not only for victims but for BiH as well. I expect Mladic to attend the pronouncement of the verdict, to hear what has been proven about him regarding the planning, execution, and organization of genocide and other crimes against humanity, and I expect him to be found guilty on all counts of the indictment, to confirm his responsibility for genocide in Srebrenica and six other municipalities, to be found guilty of terrorizing citizens of Sarajevo and full responsibility for taking hostages,” stated Meskovic.

He expressed the fear that the story of Ratko Mladic and his crimes could be ended with the latest news on November 22, and noted that victims, families and educational institutions must do everything that is in their hands to ensure that the evidence is available for everyone.

“There are no years of imprisonment that can reduce the pain of their mothers, their brothers or their sisters, nor the suffering and torture that the victims went through. We want to prove the responsibility of Serbia in logistical support when it comes to genocide in BiH,” he stated.

Safet Pilic came from Kupres. He spent six days in the concentration camp, but he came in the name of his brother who is in America and who, as Safet said, spent “the longest time in the concentration camp”.

He noted that he attended the pronouncement of the verdict to Radovan Karadzic, but that he was not comfortable because he was not sentenced for Tomasica and Prijedor.

“I hope that this butcher will be sentenced for everything he did, that he will get a life imprisonment and that he will be sentenced for genocide in Tomasica as well,” said Pilic.

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