Forbes Photojournalist says He met the friendliest People in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Photojournalist of respected magazine Forbes recently visited BiH and the visit to our country, as he said, was beyond his expectations.

“Mostar is not what I expected. Bosnia is not what I expected. After several weeks traveling through Slovenia and Croatia, I found the people of Bosnia to be the friendliest, and the food to be the best, by far.

Mostar is a city still struggling with the effects of the Yugoslav wars of the 90s. It’s not too difficult to find buildings still riddled with bullet holes or worse.

But this isn’t the entire city, nor even a majority of it. Instead, it’s a tourist-friendly city with great restaurants and incredible old-Europe cobblestone streets,” wrote Morrison in his article for Forbes.

As a respected travel writer, Morrison wrote that the main attraction of Mostar is the Old Bridge, which was destroyed in the last war after 400 years of its existence, but it was rebuilt again back in 2004 by using similar materials and techniques as during the original building, and he also stated that the Bridge represents the center of life in Mostar, which still resembles on war events.

His travel writings were reported by a large number of media and Morrison, besides Mostar, also wrote about Pocitelj in Herzegovina, Blagaj tekija (Blagaj tekke), and waterfalls near Ljubuski.

Morrison also noted that he was surprised that Bosnians are much different from other citizens of the former Yugoslavia, because, as he said, he met the friendliest people here.

He also stated that he was not planning to visit Mostar, but since he already was in Croatia, he did not want to miss the opportunity and he is glad to visit this BH city on the Neretva River.

After Mostar, journalist of Forbes headed towards Kotor in Montenegro.


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