Football Federation of BiH distributed Funds to Clubs at all Levels of Competition

In the past period, the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has distributed funds received from UEFA to clubs at all levels of competition in order to overcome the consequences of the damage caused by the coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic in the world.

The Secretary General of FFBiH Adnan Dzemidzic explained that last week delivered funds have arrived from UEFA to all clubs of the m: tel Premier League of BiH, clubs of entity competitions of the 1st league of the Federation of BiH and the 1st league of the Republika Srpska.

The funds were distributed in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board of the FFBiH. Also, disinfection sets were distributed for lower organizational levels, which were handed over to Premier League and entity league clubs before the 1st round of their competitions.

“FF BiH has fully fulfilled all obligations towards clubs. Instead of the planned funds for disinfection tunnels, serological tests were performed in clubs, members of lower ranks of the competition. In that way, we fulfilled everything we promised to clubs of all ranks of the competition and entity federations in the form of financial and material assistance. We can be satisfied with what we have done so far, because all the help arrived on the spot in material form, and the financial help was on the accounts of the entity federations and clubs last week. The Federation will continue to assist all organizational levels of the competition in accordance with its capabilities, according to the decisions of the Executive Board. “

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