Which Football Club in BiH was ranked the best at the end of 2016?

uefaIn 2016, the FC Sarajevo was the best ranked BiH club on UEFA’s ranking.

Sarajevo is on the 250th place with a coefficient of 5.300. Behind Sarajevo is Željezničar, on the 269th place with a coefficient of 4.800. Although neither of these teams performed on the European scene in the past season, they still have more points than all other BiH clubs.

The failure to qualify for European championships certainly influenced the poorer ranking of the clubs in comparison with the year before, when both teams ended the season on higher positions than now. Both premier league clubs from Sarajevo cannot allow themselves not to qualify for the European competitions this year as well, because that would further influence the ranking at the end of the year.

First on the list is Real Madrid, followed by Bayern and Barcelona. Complete list and ranking of clubs is available here.

When it comes to other BiH clubs, Zrinjski is currently 300th (4.050), while Široki Brijeg is on the 318th place (3.550). Olimpic, Sloboda and Radnik have the identical coefficient of 1.550 and they are on the 409th place. These clubs played fewer matches than the other premier league clubs and therefore their coefficient is lower.


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