FlyBosnia plans to restore Flights with Four New Planes

Fly Bosnia plans to renew previous flights in the coming months and to purchase four new planes, said the company’s director Haris Coloman. He told the EX-YU Aviation News portal that the company plans to procure four Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of this year. According to him, the first two should arrive in January and April, and the remaining two are expected during the fourth quarter of 2021.

The airline has been without an aircraft since retiring its sole A319 this summer and laying off most of its flight staff. During the peak summer months, it wet-leased both equipment and crew from Lithuania in order to operate leisure flights from Sarajevo to Turkey.

Sarajevo International Airport terminated its contract with Fly Bosnia on November 17th after the airline failed to pay its debts. This information was confirmed for from the Sarajevo airport, stating that the suspension of Fly Bosnia started on September 18 this year. 

”Considering that the air carrier, neither settled its debts within the given period of 60 days, nor did it accept the proposal on the manner of debt repayment, the contract on the provision of services of acceptance and dispatch of aircraft, passengers and luggage between J.P. Sarajevo International Airport and FlyBosnia Airlines were terminated on November 17, 2020,” they said from Sarajevo Airport. 

In addition, they added that all necessary legal actions will be taken. 

”In connection with the goal of protecting their interests, a request for activation, ie collection of a bank guarantee, was submitted on November 18,” they added. 

Fly Bosnia confirmed in December last year that they had agreed to repay the debt to Sarajevo Airport, but also did not want to state how it will be done and what the amount is. The debts were not paid despite the mentioned agreement, Ekapija writes.

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