Fly Jordan to open a New Air Connection of Sarajevo and Amman?

Fly Jordan Company will open a new airline connecting Sarajevo with Amman on July 20th, according to news portal, which spoke to Mato Zeko, Ambassador of BiH to Jordan and non-resident for Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

Flights will be made once a week, on Saturdays, by the end of October.

“For a long time, we are carrying out activities related to the establishment of a direct line between Amman and any destination in BiH, and Sarajevo is a priority. We have agreed with the Fly Jordan company that will connect Sarajevo with Amman once a week,” said Ambassador Zeko.

If there is a passenger’s interest, he emphasized, there is a possibility of airline operations to be opened throughout the year. “I spoke with the owners and presented them not only the potential of the summer but also of the winter, religious and health tourism in BiH,” said Ambassador of BiH to Jordan. He confirmed to us that the Embassy had talks with representatives of Ryanair in order to establish a direct airline from BiH with Amman throughout the year.

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