Five-year-old Lejla from BiH astonished Australia

January 17, 2018 8:45 AM

Five-year-old girl from BiH Lejla Sinanovic became a real star in Australia thanks to her incredible photographic memory. Numerous Australian media wrote about her, and she was declared as a genius in that country.

Although she will start going to school just in February this year, her knowledge is already incredible, and unlike other average children of her age, she remembers a lot more. Lejla is already able to cite the ‘pi number’ up to 140 decimal places.

She learned to spell her name and surname when she was just 15 months old, and she is able to remember the names of the streets she passed by in the car several weeks ago, as well as the details of the hotel rooms where she was staying when she was only two years old.

Her family are extremely respected members of BH community in Australia. Her father Amir is from Sanski Most.

“Children are just like sponges and they learn much faster than adults. Lejla was not born as a genius or with a photographic memory. Since her birth, we have always read her books and we included her in the activities for which we hoped that will help her later in her life. Lejla is attending classes of the Sisida Center for Early Education since she was six months old. This is a program that focuses on learning through play. They are singing songs, using flash cards and labyrinths, which brings them a lot of fun, but also creates a strong foundation for literacy and mathematical skills later in their life. We believe that this program was the basis for memory and the incredible brain of our Lejla. We noticed her incredible skills when she was just one year old. We read her books and thought that she can read, but she remembered the words and the pages and she actually remembered everything by using her brain,” said her mother Zineta.

Lejla’s other activities include ballet, swimming, piano, and she will qualify for red belt in taekwondo very soon as well.





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