Five Reasons for You to Visit Sarajevo

sarajevo112“I believe that the capital of B&H, Sarajevo, will soon become one of the most attractive tourist destinations. This European town is certainly of the best kept secrets you need to visit” – wrote blogger Suze at her page Batsuze Geographic.

Here is why:

1. It’s not expensive

There is nothing more attractive for tourists than low prices, which you can find in Sarajevo. You can easily spend the night in a hostel for 10 Dollars per night. I have spent a great night in a comfortable room with my friends for only 12 Dollars. The food is not expensive. A tasty burek will cost you 1 Dollar while you will pay only 3 Dollars for ćevapi.

2. Good food

The food is just great here. It’s a story about the Bosnian past. Bosnia was under Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule so you will find on one menu the goulash, feta cheese and stuffed cabbage rolls at the same time. And the beer! The local beer is absolutely fantastic!

3. No hurry

Although you will certainly not be the only tourists in the town, you will most definitively have the chance to walk through town with no pressure and to meet that way its people.

4. Safety

The town of Sarajevo has made many efforts to escape the shadow of the war. The city is much safer than many European capitals when it comes to criminal. The biggest risk is maybe the fact that on the hills that surround the town there are still mines left.

5. Architectural diversity

Just like the Bosnian food reflects the diversity of the Bosnian history, it’s the same with architecture. The Old Town (a place where tourists spend most of their time) is made in the traditional Ottoman style. And when you reach Princip’s bridge you will see the place of the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian crown prince Franz Ferdinand, surrounded by numerous buildings from that period. And you must certainly visit the “Svrzina Kuća”, museum in the oriental style.

(Source: Radio Sarajevo)

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