Five Local Favorite Places for a Relaxing Walk in Sarajevo



As summer swells into full bloom and the world is still in the grips of the global pandemic, more and more people are taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings in their city. Peaceful solitary walks, strolls with your dog, and long-awaited rendez-vous with friends have become one of the staple activities this summer to recenter and find some tranquility. Our team of local Spotters in Sarajevo have likewise been taking advantage of the season and exploring the outdoors. Here are five of their top recommendations for relaxing walks in and around Sarajevo.


Wilson’s Promenade


Wilson’s Promenade Sarajevo by Milan Suvajac


Wilson’s Promenade is one of the most beautiful walks in Sarajevo. It spreads along the river Miljacka and during the weekends and every working day after 17:00, the whole area is blocked for traffic and open only to pedestrians and cyclists. In summer you can come here in the late afternoons with friends, take a break in one of the many nearby cafes, and enjoy the sunset. This promenade is actually one of the rare places in the city with such a rich line of trees; a lovely place to unwind and relax.

Vrelo Bosne


Vrelo Bosne Alan Dardagan


Take stunning polaroids, feed the swans and go for long walks through this oasis of peace and serenity. Vrelo Bosne, or “Spring of the Bosna River”, is a beautiful public park at the edge of Sarajevo. The thick vegetation and trees, crystal clear water and romantic wooden bridges will leave you feeling refreshed. Also on offer are a restaurant (where you can eat a fish freshly caught from the river) and a souvenir shop. Another popular activity in the Vrelo Bosne is a horse-drawn carriage ride, for those wanting to enjoy the park in a more idle way.

Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden by Naida Kurdija


The Botanic Garden is like a small Eden on Earth, specifically designed to lift your spirits and calm your mind. They cultivate over 1,700 species of plants, and the scenery and the smell of all the flowers will coax a positive mood out of anyone. A central fountain provides a special touch and a place to rest. You can simply sit and enjoy, take a walk, analyze different plants or try to break codes on the tombstones, but whatever you do, the garden will surely make you want to stay for a while and relax.


Zelenih Beretki Street


Zelenih Beretki Photo by ljubar on


For those looking for a more urban stroll, head over to Zelenih Beretki street in the city center. While the main walking street, Ferhadija, has become very popular with visitors, Zelenih Beretki

is almost as beloved while maintaining more local character. You’ll rarely see any tourists here. Instead, the area is mostly frequented by locals, and has a youthful vibe with its many cafes and shops. Our Spotter Maranta particularly recommends that you enjoy some time strolling along this street, then go to Ort Cafe for good coffee, a nice chat with a friend and to watch the passerby bustle along.

Yellow Bastion

Sarajevo Photo by Julian Nyča


Three words that describe Yellow Bastion: romantic, adorable and photogenic. The Yellow Bastion structure itself is part of the old walls that protected the city, built in the 18th century. While its historical importance cannot be denied, what draws most people to this spot are the incredible views over the city. Enjoy a nice long walk from the Sarajevo old town to this hilltop location, and let the vista be your reward. You can bring a picnic blanket and sit on the ground at the edge of the fortress, or get a hot drink at the small, recently-opened cafe.


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