Five Hundred Migrants trapped in no-man′s-land

After the Una-Sana Canton Migration Management Task Force issued a set of orders banning, among other things, the transport of migrants in the Canton, almost 500 migrants remained “stuck” on no-man’s land near Bosanska Otoka.

Although in the previous days, migrants blocked traffic on the road Bosanska Otoka – Bosanski Novi on several occasions, and today, migrants settled on the railroad and made makeshift shelters, Avaz news portal reports.

“We are waiting for the International Organization for Migrations to help us, they have to help us. They have to bring us food,” say the migrants.

They hope that the patrols of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior and the Una Sana Canton Ministry of Interior will be removed so that they can leave this place. Some have succeeded, they say, under the cover of night.

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