Fishermen saved Seven Migrants from Drowning in Drina River in BiH

Dragan Todorovic and Marko Mimic are fishermen from Zvornik who today, in cooperation with the Border Police, saved seven migrants from certain death.

The migrants were left by smugglers on an island on the Drina that swelled during the night. These two residents of Zvornik say for “Avaz” that this is not their first time.

”A great human tragedy is happening here. The smugglers bring the migrants to the island and leave them, they can’t swim and are left at the mercy of the unpredictable Drina, which is cold even in summer, let alone in October,” says Marko Mimic at the beginning of the conversation.

Today’s action was carried out at the call of the Border Police.

”They called us from the Border Police, with which we have excellent cooperation. Migrants were left on that dangerous island overnight. They froze and were wet. I think we saved their lives,” adds Mimic.

He says they have witnessed really scary situations. They can’t swim and migrants often get hooked on a tree by the river and stay there for several hours. There was also ones who were drowning. None of them know how to swim. It is a catastrophe all together, Mimic explained.

In the end they add that they did nothing that any other man would not.

”Everyone needs help. It is nothing,” say Mimic and Todorovic.

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